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Elle Usher said:   July 30, 2014 7:37 am PST
Thank you Derek and Judi for the wonderful experience we had with you on Far Niente on Monday. Thank you for making Nichola's 21st celebration so special. A truly wonderful experience, that will remain with us forever.

Elroy and Cheryl Christenson said:   July 22, 2014 11:59 am PST
We just awoke from a wonderful trip with Derek and Judi on the Far Niente. The trip was planned as a late anniversary present for the two of us. The preceding days of windy cool rain broke out in a spectacular clear blue sky and perfect warm evening. Our hosts were gracious in every way from the initial introductions and safety talk to the wonderful repast Judi puts together. Good conversations were never lacking. As a “wannabe” boat owner it was a thrill to see how easily Derek could handle the vessels sails and his understanding of the traffic in these waters while still carrying on a conversation. Having no wind at first was no problem since it gave us an opportunity to bask in the setting sun and watch the glow on the Seattle skyline. The anchorage for the meal was such a peaceful setting. The sail back for me was even better. The great evening breeze meant we could put up all the sails and see what the boat to could do. It plowed through the water with hardly a bounce. It was the perfect ending of a great evening. I would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting a sailing experience.

Barbara Sand Harold Stevelman said:   July 6, 2014 11:43 am PST
I was groping for something wonderful for my husband's 81 birthday. He was a great sailor when he was younger, but now it is too difficult. When I found Far Niente and Derek and Judi it knew it was something he would not forget. It was memorable indeed, private, the perfect combination of sailing and adventure. Derek and Judi spent the beautiful evening anticipating our every need. We came as strangers,, we left as friends.

Ariana said:   October 19, 2013 9:56 am PST
My Special friend, Tom, told me we were meeting his friend Stan from a paint company and we were to go hang out with him. Being form Fairbanks, I thought Palisade was a paint company and anything I do in Seattle with Tom is fun, so I didn't question anything. The Palisade car dropped us off at the dock and I was immediately excited because I was at the harbor! I met Derek, Far Niente's owner and sail guide, but thought he was just another friend of Tom's. I asked Derek & Tom, "Do you think I could flirt with some guy and get a boat ride tonight?" Tom turns to Derek and asks him, "You think she could do it?" Derek looked at me and boosted my self-esteem by saying, "Oh yeah she could." Little did I know. Derek said he could show us around the harbor, and I jumped at the chance to see all the boats. At the end of the dock we came to the Far Niente and I saw the boat and was immediately in love with it. I have a thing for boats, I love the water, and I especially love sailboats. Tom, finally said to me, "well, you wanna go sailing?" I about peed my pants, it was a surprise for me! I teared up because it was so incredibly unexpected and they all did an amazing job at playing out the surprise. The weather was amazing, the boat was beautiful, the hosting by Derek and Danielle superb! I felt like the most important person in the world on that boat and I was with my favorite person, Tom. It was unforgettable and one of the greatest moments in my life. The views were the best in town, the food delicious, the entire experience was spectacular.

Kiapu Wolfe said:   August 30, 2013 1:55 pm PST
Dear Derek and Judi, I apologize for calling Derek - Dick. I know his name but for some reason I just want to call him Dick. My apologies. Ki`apu

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